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Keep your fins up. The Ben Bischke memorial dive for Cancer

Campagne personnelle commanditée par Aqua Dive & Watersports

18 septembre 2022

Me soutenir

The owners of Aqua Dive & Watersports thank you for taking the time to donate. This is a personal action to change the future of this disease in memory of Keri's dad Ben Bischke. Keri is the owner of Aqua Dive.  As well as all Canadians nationwide who are fighting Cancer.  We are raising awareness and funds for the fight against cancer and we hope we can count on your support! 

Event: Scuba Diving fun dive

Date/Time: September 18th, 2022 @9am

Location:  at Two Jack Lake in Banff 

Open to all divers to come out and show there support for Cancer research, the fighters and the ones we lost along the way. The event is hosted by Aqua Dive & Watersports and will be in memory of Ben Bischke who lost his battle on October 19, 2021.

Call Aqua Dive in Calgary (587-353-3483) if you would like to attend this event. 

In addition to this fun dive at Two Jack, Aqua Dive is also hosting the The Dam Cancer Journey Dive by Darrin Barker at Lake Minnewanka that same day. This dive would involve swimming from the bridge pilling's to the dam, over to the well and foundations back to the dam and then back to shore. Over all the dive is about an hour and half long. Darrin is asking for sponsor's/donation's per min that he is underwater (or a flat rate for the dive). You can sponsor both the dam journey and the event!

The money raised will help Canada’s brightest researchers make groundbreaking discoveries, provide cancer patients with much-needed support services and ensure that other life-changing work is possible. 

Your generosity will help the Canadian Cancer Society continue to make the most impact, against the most cancers, in the most communities across the country. 

Make your donation online — it’s fast, secure and will reduce administrative costs so more of your support goes towards supporting those affected by cancer. 

Thank you!