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Bronco Bucks Cancer

A personal campaign sponsored by Caleb Wyrostok

February 28, 2023

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In 2018 I was drafted by the Swift Current Broncos.   My family and I made the decision that I was going to move away from home at 15 years old and play with the Northern Alberta Xtreme (CSSHL) for that season as I worked towards becoming a full-time Bronco.  I was not prepared for what that season would hold beyond hockey!  


In November 2018, my mom was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer.  My mom had to undergo surgery and chemotherapy treatments and shortly after she was finished treatment, my grandpa was diagnosed with brain cancer.   He survived for only one year because of how aggressive his cancer was. In 2021, my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as one of my long-time favourite minor hockey coaches with pancreatic cancer.  Our lives have been and continue to be greatly impacted by cancer.


It is scary when you find out someone close to you is diagnosed with cancer.  There is a lot of worry, uncertainty of what’s next and you never forget that cancer remains a part of your lives forever.  Even after treatment, there is recovery which is not easy and then there is risk of recurrence.  You watch cancer treatment take over their body and completely change them into someone that you can see is dealing with pain and suffering, both during and after treatment.  One of the most difficult aspects is feeling like you can’t do enough to help.  The biggest lesson I have learned is to work at not taking anything for granted and to try and be grateful each day.   Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day problems but when you step back and look at the bigger picture, there are so many people that are fighting every day to just survive, like I have witnessed with all of these special people.  


I have seen through my family, that even when the odds are stacked against you, being grateful and upbeat can help navigate the uncertainty and worry of cancer.  My mom underwent multiple surgeries and chemotherapy but you would have never known that she was going through cancer.  Through all of her treatment and surgery she was often there in person to support me and my brother through our hockey seasons and anything else that we did.  She often travelled long distances to watch me play only days after having treatment.  She continued to think of other people and be the best support that she could to our family and everyone around her.  My mom resembles what a true cancer warrior is and she is a role model for me and so many other people.   


I want to do my part to change the future of cancer and am fundraising and trying to raise cancer awareness.  I am asking for pledges of $20 per goal and $15 per assist to support my fundraising efforts.  You can also donate a set amount that is not dependent on goals or assists.  I will fundraise until February 28, 2023 with a goal to raise a minimum of $2500.  You can also donate more or less depending on your circumstances at any time.  


I hope I can count on your support for my fundraising goals because your support can make a difference and provide hope to individuals and families impacted by cancer !! The money raised will continue to help fund research, raise awareness and support those affected by cancer in Canada including my family and friends.  

I FIGHT FOR.....My Mom, Grandpa Wally, Auntie Pam & Jeff Gold !!!

Jeff Gold lost his battle on January 13, 2023. As one of my long time hockey coaches, he taught me that life is about relationships and being a good person.  Jeff was one of the most inspirational coaches I have ever had and he is part of the reason why I have the opportunity to play in the WHL. We will miss in peace Grandpa and Goldie