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6 octobre 2024

Me soutenir

Painting for Prevention: 

Buy Art and build a world FREE of cancer!

On the 20th of October 2014, I lost my father to cancer. Sadly, this was just two days after my wedding, so I went from planning what should be one of the biggest and happiest events of my life to organizing my dad’s funeral. Four years later, shortly after the birth of my second daughter, we find ourselves preparing to lay my father-in-law to rest due to the same dreaded disease. My daughters will, regrettably, not have the opportunity to grow up experiencing the love and joy of their grandfathers, as I did. Therefore, I have committed myself to doing everything within my means to combat cancer and assist people in spending more time with their loved ones.

 Inspired by my grandfather's words, "Leave a place better than you met it," I'm committed to making a positive impact beyond myself. I believe we're all gifted and should use our talents to improve our communities.

 That's why I'm donating a portion of every art sale to cancer research, supporting the Canadian Cancer Society. Together, let's create a world free from cancer. With every purchase you make, a percentage will be donated to the Canadian Cancer Society to support cancer prevention initiatives. As you purchase the artworks to beautify your home and space, you would also be helping people live longer with their loved ones as well as creating a world free from cancer.

My goal is to donate $5000 by October 3rd, 2024, for the CIBC Run for the Cure to raise funds towards cancer prevention. 

Visit  this LINK to make a purchase.

 Has cancer touched your life? Share your story at



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