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Today is the day you change the future of cancer

Change lives. Raise funds.

Create a fundraiser

It all starts with you

Create a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) and be a hero for the nearly half of Canadians who will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

By fundraising for CCS, you’ll fund groundbreaking research to better detect, treat and prevent cancer. You will also enable our nationwide support system so all Canadians affected by cancer have access to trusted information and compassionate support at every stage of their journey.

The future of cancer is in your hands. What will you make possible today?

Create a fundraiser

If you have signed up or created an event before June 27, 2022 you can access your existing fundraiser here.

How it works

Step 1

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Decide to raise funds and change lives.

Step 2

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Choose how you will fundraise and where you want your money to go. Whether it’s to a specific type of cancer, or wherever the need is greatest, the choice is yours.

Step 3

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Create your fundraiser! Sign up is quick and easy, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

Create a fundraiser

Meet Geoff

"I want others to have what I lost: time. More time with the people they love, more time to make memories, more time to live their lives,” says Geoff. “Cancer is a horrible disease that has impacted everyone in some way, I hope that this little fundraiser can help with ongoing research to provide more time for others.”

Read Geoff's inspiring story

Get started fundraising

Pledge my birthday

Pledge my birthday

For your birthday, ask for donations to help Canadians affected by cancer. 

Create a birthday fundraiser

How to create a birthday fundraiser

In memory or in honour

In memory or in honour

Raise funds for cancer research and support in honour of your loved one.

Create an in memory or in honour fundraiser

How to create an in memory or in honour fundaiser

Sports and fitness

Sports and fitness

Organize your own challenge to raise funds for cancer research.

Create a sports and fitness fundraiser

How to create a sports and fitness fundraiser



Invite guests at your next special event to donate to cancer research.

Create a special event fundraiser

How to create a special event fundraiser



Run your own gaming livestream to fund groundbreaking cancer research!

Create a livestream fundraiser

How to create a livestream fundraiser

Other fundraising ideas

Other fundraising ideas

Start a fundraiser to support cancer research and support programs.

Create a personal fundraiser

How to create a personal fundraiser