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Get inspired

Get inspired by people who are changing the future of cancer

Meet some ordinary people who decided to do something extraordinary to make a meaningful change for Canadians affected by cancer. 

Create a fundraiser

Meet Liam and his holiday light display

Liam’s family loves to decorate their home for the holidays and in 2020, Liam turned their passion into action. By accepting donations in person from his community and posting photos and his story to ask for donations online – Liam and his family raised funds to change and save lives, during the holiday season and beyond.

“I’ve seen firsthand how donations help people affected by cancer,” explains Liam. “We wanted to raise funds for the support programs and the innovative research that is happening for the nearly half of Canadians expected to face cancer.”

With 20 inflatables, over 10,000 individual lights, and more than $8,600 raised in the light show’s 3-year history, Liam is looking forward to turning his passion into action again in 2023 to help change the future of cancer.

Meet the Spring Yard Clean Up for Cancer team

After losing their father to cancer, Jason and his family joined forces with their community to create an annual fundraiser — the Spring Yard Clean Up for Cancer — to fund research and transform the future of cancer. Together, hundreds of sponsors, supporters and volunteers come together for one day of yard work every spring to raise life-saving funds.  

In 14 years, the Spring Yard Clean Up team has raised nearly $2 million to fund world-leading research to create more tomorrows and fewer goodbyes for families impacted by cancer.   

“We want to be part of the solution,” says Jason. “Every year we come together to raise money for awareness and to fund cancer research to find treatments that will hopefully help save more lives.” 

Meet Jordane

When Jillian Verner was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer, her husband Jordane immediately took action. 

He partnered with CCS to create a fundraiser, Jillian’s Road. Jordane committed to cycling from his home in Prince Edward County to Kingston, Ontario, with a group of family/friends, on the same route Jillian took to receive her cancer treatment. Jillian’s Road raised an incredible $14,065 for the most promising colon cancer research and a nationwide support system to help Canadians affected by cancer.  

“It is very important to us that we can help pass care onto the next person, their family and their friends who may face cancer,” says Jordane. “We are aware that we may not be here today with our story if it wasn’t for someone else who did the same.” 

Meet Geoff

Geoff has always loved gaming, but when his mother-in-law passed away from brain cancer, Geoff decided to turn his passion into action. 

He used an online gaming stream, Twitch, to fundraise for brain cancer research. He hosted a 24-hour live stream for his followers, which raised $2,400 and allowed the community to come together to play video games and support each other as they discussed their own cancer experiences. 

"I want others to have what I lost: time. More time with the people they love, more time to make memories, more time to live their lives,” says Geoff. “Cancer is a horrible disease that has impacted everyone in some way, I hope that this little fundraiser can help with ongoing research to provide more time for others.” 

The Queen’s Cure Cancer Classic

Queen’s University Commerce students have been coming together since 2005 to host a series of three hockey tournaments as the Cure Cancer Classic non-profit organization, to raise critical funds for life-saving cancer research. 

Since its inception, Queen’s Cure Cancer Classic has raised over $430,000, and has continued to support an on-going brain cancer research project.