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Megan Fashion Week Fundraiser for Stomach Cancer

A personal campaign sponsored by Megan Nespliak

September 21, 2022

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Megan is a 22 year old who was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer in March. Stomach cancer is rare and is often overlooked in the cancer research world so Megan wanted to leave a legacy working with the Canadian Cancer Society raising money and awareness for this terrible disease. Please donate today and help Megan reach her fundraising goal! The money raised will help Canada’s brightest researchers make groundbreaking discoveries, provide cancer patients with much needed support services and ensure that other life changing work is possible. Thank you for your generosity. 

About MFW: The idea of Megan Fashion Week was born after her plans to attend NYFW had to be canceled. She wanted to create a virtual event that everybody can take part in and she would love for you to participate and help spread the word! MFW is a fundraiser for stomach cancer so her goal is to not only host an inclusive event where we can all share our love for fashion but to help raise awareness and funds for stomach cancer research.

Megan Fashion Week and the fundraiser will go all of September so feel free to share your outfit anytime this month. MFW is all about trying something out of your comfort zone with fashion, or even just putting more thought into your outfits and going that extra step. She has come up with 22 themes which you can find on her Instagram page, feel free to interpret them however you like!

If you’d like to participate she love for you to share your outfits on Instagram tagging @meganfashionweek #meganfashionweek and share this fundraiser link.


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